11 people vs one house

Yes, we live here with 11 people: Audrey, Anja, Sam, Francis, 2 x James, Hugh, Rahul, David, Jens and me. We have two bathrooms, one for the girls (+ Sam) and one for the guys. Luckily, shower and bathroom is separated for the guys.

So many people in one houses causes strange situations sometimes. Let me give you some examples: You see the picture on the top of the post. What happened there is fairly simple: no one had the idea to empty the recycling bag.

Something similar happened today:


No one wanted to empty the dishwasher. The sign “clean” means that someone started it, so the dishes inside are clean now. As no one emptied it, everyone placed their dishes on top, waiting for someone else to put them in when he empties the dishwasher.

This one was also good:


Someone tried to empty the garbage, but failed somehow. Sorry, but I don’t have a better explanation for this 🙂

Here, you see Francis’ note after someone ate his ice cream bars:


There are some messy situations in this house sometimes, but it is also a lot of fun. We have less than a month left and although we like it here in Canada we also look forward to coming back to Germany.

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