50 km within 5 days

We hiked a lot the last five days. As you read during our Cape Breton trip we hiked the Skyline Trail (9.4 km) and the Franey Trail (7.4 km). Yesterday we wanted to do the Bluff Trail near Halifax. We went there and walked a way next to the Trail sign and after 5 km we realized that the way we walked was not the hike trail but a bike trail. So, we went the 5 km back and started the trail which was about 7.8 km long.

IMG_8132 (2)

IMG_8085 (2)

IMG_8141 (2)

If you want to see more pictures from the Bluff trail see the gallery.

Today we went to the Bay of Fundy again but did a different trail than last time, the Cape Split Trail, which was 12.6 km. I wont write much today because it would be all the same how beautiful the nature is and as you can imagine I’m really tired 🙂
Here you have some pictures of the hike:

IMG_8316 (2)

IMG_8317 (2)

IMG_8332 (2)

IMG_8195 (2)

IMG_8236 (2)

IMG_8252 (2)

IMG_8286 (2)

More pictures are at the gallery.

When we arrived back in Halifax, Rahul made Indian Food for us. We had rice and self made bread (awesome) with two different dips. On top of that there was a kind of salad which was really delicious too. Everything was very good, the only problem was that the food was so heavy that we couldn’t eat that much. The good thing about this that we have food left for tomorrow.



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