Holiday Parade of Lights + Beer Pong Tournament

Yesterday, we went to the Halifax Holiday Parade of Lights, a parade with lots of flashing trucks and people wishing you Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Although it was raining, very much people came to see the parade. The reason behind the parade was kicking off holiday season and collecting donations.

IMG_8666 (2)

This truck came with a snow machine:

IMG_8653 (2)

IMG_8647 (2)

After coming home and drying our clothes we started a Beer Pong Tournament in the house. We mixed up some teams and came up with a dancing team, a professionals team, team Germany and team Canada. Sadly, team Germany lost very high against team Canada. A funny thing was that the dancing team could beat the professionals because of their crazy and distracting moves.


In the end, the night turned into a hat party:



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