Ice Hockey Game

Yesterday, we finally made it to an ice hockey game. The Halifax Mooseheads played against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies. On our way to the Scotiabank Centre a guy in the bus asked us “Wo seid ihr her”. We talked to him for a while, he lives in Halifax since 2001 and got his PhD in Computer Science at the Dalhousie University. There are not only germans everywhere, there are also germans who do Computer Science everywhere in Halifax 🙂

Anyways, the Mooseheads played against the best team of their league this night, which is a league where 16 year olds play. Later, these players will go to the NHL. Halifax does not have a team in the NHL. We went to the game with some friends of our house.


The seats we had were perfect, we sat in the second row behind the glass, all the action was right in front of us. We saw three situations close to a fight. Once, someone shot the puck in our direction against the glass. Then, two players were going fast towards us and hit the glass. One guy smashed his face against the glass in front of us. This was a real ice hockey experience.

Although the Mooseheads lost 2-5, it was an exciting game to watch. When it was 2-3 for the opponent we almost tied the game when we hit the cross bar. The Mooseheads are one of the worst teams in their league and had good chances against the leading team. Going to an ice hockey is definitely a thing you have to do in Canada, we did it, and it was really fun!

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