Last wings night: goodbye party!

Since Francis and James left Halifax today, Audrey will leave on Sunday and we on Monday, we celebrated the great time we had during the five months yesterday night. Franci and James wrote their last exam yesterday, we already finished ours on Wednesday. After they came back, we went to Mustacio for a last wings night in Halifax.


The wings were delicious as usual and I enjoyed my last wing in Halifax. Thanks Audrey for the meme 🙂


Wings nights are awesome and we will miss them.


James hit a new record this night, he ate unbelievable 25 wings, 12.5 chicken 🙁 Jens did well too with 20 wings and the rest had 15 wings each.

When we returned home, James received the birthday cake we “baked” for him, because his birthday was the day before. He was very happy about the good cake:


Then, we turned on the music, played some games and had very much fun, as the following pictures will show. First, Mr. Rahul didn’t play but hold the guitar like a professional:


We played Kings cup and in the end considered that we should call the game Davids cup instead, because he got nearly every king and therefore had to drink the all-in-one cup very often.


When the song “Hotline bling” came on, Franci couldn’t resist to show us his hilarious skills as figure skater. I don’t have the right words to describe the perfectness of his dance moves, but no one can stop laughing when Franci hits the dance floor.

After lots of funny moments at home we went to the Dome to dance for a last time with the best roommates we can imagine! We will remember this night and our roommates from 1689 Oxford street.

Today in the morning, Franci and James left to the airport. We took a last group image.

IMG_8816 (2)

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  1. Have a Last nice Weekend in Halifex – don’t be sad – many lovely People are waiting for you here?
    I wish You a good Flight ✈️ To ??

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