Time to say goodbye / hello

Our adventure ends today. We started on the 28th of August 2015 to go to New York and arrived on the 1st of August to Halifax. Now we can look back and say it was a great and awesome time. I’m so sad that I won’t see all the great people everyday around, but I’m also very happy to be home with my family.

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I will not forget the people from 1689 Oxford street, we share unforgettable memories. There was Anja with Sam. Anja managed the house, we met often for breakfast before Sam had to go to school. Sam is good boy, I will not forget how he had nothing to do and asked me to give him math exercises and I taught him how to add big numbers. Anja was always in for a beer in the evening or a movie night.

Then there was Audrey, she was the busiest person in the house. Working every day, even on the weekends. However, she managed to have fun with us. We made a trip to the Bay of Fundy, she joined us as often as the work allowed and she loved to watch movies. Audrey cooked a typical Quebec dish for us, then we cooked Schnitzel for her and the rest of the house. I remember the first conversations we had when she couldn’t understand me because of my accent but in the end it was fine.


Rahul my friend. It is an experience to live with this guy and I will miss it. Playing soccer always in the house next to his TV and cooking people. Dancing to the running music and always happy. He donated his TV to the house for countless movie nights and baseball games. I will not forget how he cooked indian food for us on diwali (the biggest Hindu festival). It was so delicious and heavy, I had one plate and then Rahul said “this guy will die if he eats more”. Whenever he came home he turned on the light in my room to tell me he is there. We hiked a lot and had some तरबूज़ (watermelons). You are a true friend! I promise you, whenever you are in Germany I will find a place for you to stay and we will meet.

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Last but not least there were our Canadian friends Francis and James, our private weather mans. These guys taught me the baseball rules and we celebrated every Blue Jays game. You made a baseball fan from me. Francis and I were a good FIFA team in the beginning and I will never forget Francis’ Hotline bling dance. Even if I tried, it is impossible 🙂 James was a great dancer too. It was an awesome time with you, you guys helped us with our writing assignments and we got really good marks for them. Thank you!


There were also David and Jens, I won’t forget to mention you. We knew us before, but for half a year we spent every day together. Jens made sure that we have good food to eat. David was the guy who made us do sport. He also was responsible for the music in the house. We spent four days together in New York and two weeks in a car through Canada and the States. We slept in one room for several nights and had no beef. We managed to get really good marks in all subjects in a different language. It was a great time!


It ended when we left to the airport at 19.30 on Monday. We flew to London first and then to Frankfurt. 13 hours after we left the house in Halifax I saw my family again. They waited in the first row in front of all the other people waiting there. They even made a big sign for me and we ate Schnitzel on our way home. I am really happy!


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  1. Happy New Year!
    Barbara at the CS front desk sends you a message: “Hi! I did not know you you were leaving at Christmas, so I did not get a chance to wish you well!! All the best, and ‘Be good’, ok?”

    We miss ‘the Germans’! 🙂

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