You all will be missed.

It all started in august when anja told me there will be three german computer science students and a girl from Quebec city  moving in this month. I was a bit nervous because I never had any german roommates before and was worried about how friendly they will be or might not be.Audrey arrived before them so I get to know her before them and we were excited and curious about our new roommates. But this bubble of nervousness soon busted when I finally met them in person, they were very friendly and polite in nature. we started to know each other better with time. sharing the kitchen, washroom ,living room with these guys over there stay here was one funny, amusing as well as an entertaining experience.


within these few months we made countless movie nights, at home and in theatres, wings night was the best part of the week everyone waited for Thursday so bad that we talked about it the whole week. We planned some trips together in and around Halifax that were a great fun. cooking together was not planned but was co-incidental, when ever you think of cooking in this house you will always find some human being either scrubbing dishes, cutting food or doing something or the other in the kitchen. The unique feature of this house is you will  never be alone in common areas, you will definitely find an indian guy eating, listening to music or just slithering on sofa for no reason.

we developed a strong bond of friendship over this time that will stay strong forever. we made so many memories that are priceless and simply amazing and  irreplaceable. we were so used to each other that it will be hard to live without all these beautiful people with wonderful and biggest heart. Always there to help you and make you feel wanted. Markus more like Macho man, brother, has the most beautiful heart in this whole world, true friend, I will totally run out of words if I were to tell how good he is and it is true that I consider myself lucky to have a friend like you. David ,the founder of David’s cup is very humble, kind and sensible dude. Has a great passion for photography and I have to tell you bro. your photography is my favourite. Jens, the big bro. very funny, full of sarcasm, helpful and benevolent person. Cooks really good and the best squash player I know for a specific reason. Audrey, Madame laine very energetic, full of life, kind ,cute, extraaa beautiful and above all a very nice human being.

Time spent with you guys was unforgettable, priceless, memorable and catchy. we made countless memories together that i will cherish throughout and will relive the moments every time I will look at the pictures and will remember you all beautiful people. Stay the way you are, stay safe, stay blessed, stay amazingly awesome like you guys are and remember that you guys will always be missed. I apologize if I was ever rude or made you unhappy, I hope you’ll forgive me. Enjoy every day to the fullest and stay out of trouble.


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  1. This is the nicest blogpost someone could write, thank you very much Rahul!! The time with you was so awesome, we had no days without laughing, at my accent or something else 🙂
    I will miss you and all the people from the house. We will stay in contact!
    You are the funniest guy I know and very polite. No need to excuse for anything man! I enjoyed every day and will look back at this time very often.

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